Fotonhash cloud mining

Fotonhash cloud mining Surely, you already know: what is mining, how is this process arranged and what can you make good money on it. You can compare this way of earning money with opening your own small business. And, of course, for him to start making a profit - you need to invest in it. In this article we will analyze in detail: how much does it cost to build a farm for mining. Of course, such a farm can consist of a computer with one powerful graphics card. But most likely, such a "farm" will not bring you any profit. You will spend more money on electricity than you earn. Therefore, we will consider only the assembly of a professional mining farm. Let's figure out what budget is needed in order to assemble a mining farm. The price of equipment for a mining farm Video card The minimum number of video cards to build a good farm is 4 pieces. When choosing them, you should be guided by the fact that this is the main element for mining, and the more powerful th

Fotonhash gpu mining

Fotonhash gpu mining The cryptocurrency mining process (mining) is always accompanied by large initial equipment costs. In addition, you will need to spend money on servicing your miner and on electricity. The cost of food for your farm will determine how much you will earn. After all, mining profitability is calculated according to a simple formula: the price of the consumed electricity is subtracted from the price of the extracted cryptocurrency. I must say right away that a mining farm will consume a lot of electricity. If you are going to assemble your mining farm or have already assembled it, but for some reason did not take into account how much electricity it consumes, then this article is for you. It will also be useful for beginners. Many of them often have inaccuracies in calculating the electricity consumed by their farms. Because of this, it happens that at the end of the month a miner can be very “happy” with a payment for electricity and will have to pay an amou

Image Recently, mining is becoming more popular. At the moment, there are such types of mining as: cloud mining, solo mining and mining in the pool. And more and more often on the Internet you can come across a new kind, which is called browser mining. To be honest, what is browser mining, I learned at the time of this writing. And now I am ready with 100% certainty to tell you what it is and whether, in general, it is worth spending your time on it. Browsermine is the name of the most popular “browser mining”. It is on his example that we will analyze the entire "industry" of such mining. And so, let's start with how this site positions itself. They write that you, without making any investment in this project, without inviting people to join it and without completing any tasks, but simply by opening the page in a browser, you will earn money. The earnings system is described as follows: you move the scale, and thereby choose the mining power, which wil